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Lessons for the complete beginner and / or the nervous pupil , we will take you through your driving lessons with you in mind , starting of right at the begining in a controlled and save structure with patience and friendly teaching .


Maybe you have had some lessons a little while ago but had to stop due to other commitments and now wish to start again .Contact us and ask about our lessons for you with patient ,friendly lessons you may not need to start right at the beginning .


Perhaps you have had to move location or had other commitments and wish finish of your lessons and pass the test . You may not take many lessons ,we will not waste your money and time if you are nearly / close to or at test standard , we will let you know and get to the test quickly .


Safe driving is a must to ensure our pupils carry on the skills they have learnt, not just to pass the test but also to stay save after .There can be many reasons for taking a refrsher course ,it may be you need to retake the test or mabye you have not driven for some time and need to get back to driving .Contact us and find out more a few lessons maybe all you need .


Our safe-pass course is for any pupil ,even pupils that are nervous about learning to drive .All we ask is that you are commited to learning to drive and your schedule will allow you to pre-book four lessons a month each month , either a one or a two hour lesson on any day of the week , until you pass that test.

Our commitment to you will be that we will be pay for your test on the 1st attempt. So we will also pay for your 2nd attempt and yes also the 3rd attempt.


A week course for the intermediate learner or a 2 weeks course for the beginner a schedule to fit your needs.

The one week course for intermediate learners , starts on a Monday with six lessons lasting six hours ending on the Saturday , you will have a break on the sunday and your test will be on the week after your course , the remaining four hours will be on the day of your test ,which will include your test time . The two week course is for beginners who have a time schedule or other commitments and wish to speed up the process of learning and passing the test . Start days are Mondays and go through to Saturdays for two weeks with three hour lessons .Start times can be 9am / 12 pm /3pm or 6pm ,the test will be on the week after you finish your course . Both courses have breaks in between lessons .

We ask you to book your course in advance to allow for test dates and times . Full payment will be required before the start of your course .